This is TORA

- Norway's new guitar heroine -

TORA is a Norwegian Grammy nominated blues-inspired pop/rock band fronted by Norway’s new female guitar heroine Tora Dahle Aagård, who has earned herself extensive recognition and popularity due to her playful virtuosity, raw energy and unique stage presence. She is followed by nearly 150.000 guitar aficionados from all over the world on Instagram, including Hollywood legend Alec Baldwin, who frequently praises her talent by sharing her videos.

Tora will become Norway’s biggest guitar export of her generation. – Amund Maarud

TORA’s first eponymously titled album TORA was released in 2019 and featured pop/rock music with deep roots in blues and soul. It was reviewed as “a promising debut by a new female guitar hero” by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Their next album GIRLS was released 10th September and features exciting new collaborations with acclaimed musicians Joey Landreth and drummer Aaron Sterling (John Mayer). As well as catchy pop songs such as "Desire", and "Money", the album includes stripped-down, honest songs such as “Lately“.

In October 2018, Tora made history by becoming the first female guitarist ever to sign an endorsement deal with the British guitar company Chapman Guitars.

2019 has been an eventful year for Tora Dahle Aagård. She has played with the likes of Paul Gilbert (Mr Big) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), as well as Aaron Sterling (John Mayer). In addition to playing gigs at numerous renowned Norwegian festivals and venues, Tora performed in London’s Royal Albert Hall, played with the likes of Paul Gilbert (Mr Big) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), as well as Aaron Sterling (John Mayer). She has become International Ambassador for Marceau Guitars with a very own signature model designed for her. In October 2020, she shared the main stage of the world’s biggest virtual guitar festival LIVE with renowned names such as Joe Bonamassa, Carlos Santana, St Vincent and John McLaughlin.

TORA was initially set for their first UK tour in 2020 but was postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

TORA was formed in 2011. Their discography includes 2 EPs – of which their second release, Change of Scenery (2016), reached the top of iTunes’ album charts. Several of their tracks are frequently played on Norwegian radio stations. They have performed on many of Norway’s biggest festivals and the increasing popularity opens the door to stages all over the world.

The band consists of Tora Dahle Aagård (guitar and lead vocals), Isak Seltveit (bass guitar), Guri Tranås (backing vocals), Andreas Dahle Aagård (guitar) and Magnus Galguften (drums). The songs are written by Tora herself, some in collaboration with Andreas Dahle Aagård.

“Her playful virtuosity and sheer stage presence and energy enchanted the audience. She had the crowd in the palm of her hand during «They Say» and «Feeling Good». Definitely an artist to watch.”
Norway Rock Magazine

“Tora has an incredible talent and is the most courageous guitarist I have ever met – throws herself fearlessly into a jam session with the likes of Jennifer Batten and Paul Gilbert – just like that.”
Larvik Guitar Festival

“The band TORA surprises with own tracks and solid, raw blues/soul/rock performances. It is incredibly liberating to observe that the genre is subject to recruitment of such excellent quality and – on top of that – In a highly male-dominated genre, it is a delight to witness that the tradition is brought forward by a talented young lady.”
Nidaros Bluesfestival

“Tora is something as exceptional as an incredibly talented and soulful blues–rock guitarist, aged only 24. I cannot imagine a better example of what the blues tradition needs than her.”
Kjell Inge Brovoll, Blues in Hell